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Our main goals are the high quality level of our products and customer satisfaction. Therefore, all production processes of our products are controlled, measured and documented. To achieve this, we use a range of gauges, jigs and measuring equipment that are managed by the company's metrologist. We use IS Palstat and IS Helios to evaluate process capability.

IAFT Certificate EN Certificate ISO Certificate TISAX Certificate
Wenzel LH87

Wenzel LH87 - gantry three-axis measuring machine (CMM)

  • range 800 x 1,500 x 700
  • maximum load 800 kg
  • measurement of metals and plastics
  • 2D and 3D measurement
  • measurements with and without CAD data
  • suitable for both piece and series production

Athos II

  • Contactless measuring
  • Part sizes from 10 mm
  • Scanning of almost any surface
  • 2D and 3D evaluation
  • Data export for further processing (reverse engineering, CAD data creation, drawing)
  • Suitable for both piece and series production
  • Parts require special treatment before measuring - spraying with a mixture of alcohol and titanium oxide + sticking of reference points
Atos II
OGP Multiscope

OGP Multiscope

  • Optical gauge
  • Only 2D measurement
  • Advantage of zoom option - screen details

Roughness meter - DIAVITE DH-8

  • high-precision surface roughness meter for general use in the inspection room.
  • memory for 50 measurements
  • 5 measuring lengths, selectable between 0.5 and 15.0 mm
  • selectable measuring speed
  • 8 measurement programs
Roughness meter - DIAVITE DH-8
Spectrophotometer - Konica Minolta

Spectrophotometer – Konica Minolta - type : CM – 25cG

  • is a portable colour and gloss meter with 45° geometry and a high performance 60° gloss sensor.
  • used in a number of industries, including automotive interiors.
  • the perfect 45° circular optical system achieves high accuracy and repeatability of measurements.
  • Coating thickness measurement
  • PosiTector200 coating thickness gauge - De Felsko
  • The PosiTector 200 is a handheld thickness gauge that uses the non-destructive ultrasonic principle to measure coating thickness on a wide range of substrates.

Climatic chamber - Votsch VC3 4060

  • used for alternating climate tests
  • temperature range from -40 ºC to +180 ºC
  • temperature and relative humidity control
  • relative humidity control from 10% to 98% RH
  • chamber working volume up to 600 litres
  • test space dimensions: 950 x 800 x 800 mm
  • capacity up to 160 kg
Votsch Climate Chamber
Tearing machine - Zwick/Roell

Tensile testing machine – Zwick/Roell Z050

  • used to determine tensile, compressive and bending properties
  • test load 50 kN
  • test height 1892 mm
  • test width 630 mm

Melt flow index test Zwick / Roell – type : Mflow BMF

  • measurement of melt flow index of thermoplastic polymers.
  • MFR measurement (weight)
  • MVR measurement (volume)
  • according to ISO 1133
Zwick/Roell melt flow index